We are not currently operating for the 2019 season, we apologize for the inconvenince!

About Us

dave-nj-paddle-board-rentals-ownerHi There!  My name is David D’Atrio, and I am the owner of NJ Paddle Board Rentals LLC.  Our company is a fully insured, family owned business, based in Barnegat, NJ.

Throughout the past 3 decades, I’ve been involved in a multitude of “board sports”, starting out with skateboarding in the early 1980’s.  Over the years to come, I was introduced to a variety of others.  Shortly after high school, I became an avid snowboarder, making frequent trips to the mountains in NY, NJ & PA.  In 2003, I moved to Barnegat, where I began to delve into the world of water sports.  First up was wakeboarding, which was followed  by kiteboarding, and finally stand up paddle boarding.

There was something that stood out to me the first time I tried stand up paddle boarding:  The learning curve.

“Wow”, I thought…”This is really easy!” The learning curve for paddle boarding seemed nonexistent.    As my wife and I introduced our friends and family to stand up paddle boarding, we confirmed my original thought…  Stand up paddle boarding really is for everyone!  

This was the first board sport I’ve tried that didn’t require countless hours to master the basics.  I’ve found that I can introduce total novices to this sport, and have them paddling and comfortably navigating the waterways within 15 minutes, typically.

NJ Paddle Board Rentals LLC is a passion project.  I decided to start this business so that I can share my knowledge and love for this sport with as many people as possible.  Our local waterways offer some of the most scenic, relaxing environments, right in our back yard!  Book your adventure today, you won’t regret it!